TEAM-BUILDING – How to reinforce and develop GROUP INTELLIGENCE IN A TEAM (2 DAYS)

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It is a perfect training for a company which wants to:

  • have a team which works effectively together
  • create a completely new team or improve relationships and solve problems in the team that already exists
  • raise team spirit and company loyalty
  • increase emotional self-awareness and empathy among team members

More and more often we require „team work” from our employees, but what does it mean exactly?

During this training we will also seek the answers to the following questions:

  • How to work together better and more effectively, and at the same time preserve one’s individuality?
  • How to preserve one’s distinctive qualities and transfer them to group uniqueness?
  • How to overcome various barriers – linguistic, cultural and psychological ones – in multinational teams?

The participants of the training will:

  • understand better the rules of functioning in a group
  • feel how important it is to get support from others and how much they can offer themselves to others
  • see that working together can help them achieve common goals
  • experience and appreciate the synergy of teamwork
  • become more sensitive to their own needs and to the needs of others
  • receive good foundations which will help them to build an effective team or the tools to fix those things in the present team which do not function well

Here is a sample program which you will complete during the training:

1.    „Together as one” – what does it mean to work in a team?

  • Model teams
  • Various schemes of social networks
  • Size does matter – On team dynamics
  • Can we play well without a conductor? – On the role of team coordinator
  • To play first fiddle in tune – On the role of team leader

2.    The spirit knows no boundaries – how to walk out of schemes?

  • The sum of all fears – what are we afraid of the most while working with others?
  • How to overcome your own physical and mental limitations?
  • Mental traps – on thinking fast and slow. How does our attention focus influence teamwork?

3.     Say what you don’t say – on effective communication in a team:

  • „My language is the limit of my world” – how do we perceive and create the world around us?
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Arbitrary signs, signals and symbols
  • Digital communication – Whenever? Wherever? And is everything allowed?
  • „And who will be talking?” – Team presentations

4.    Team at its best – how to change weaknesses into strengths:

  • „No mistakes? No work” – Learn on your mistakes, don’t stand still.
  • Common misunderstandings – how people can be different in a good way
  • One black sheep or a herd of rams?  – How changing the perspective can broaden your outlook

5.    Truths and beliefs – on respecting yourself and others:

  • „I” is the other „You” – on the role of empathy in a team
  • The rule of „golden mean” – between the boss and another team member
  • Support and acceptance – on the feeling of belonging and group loyalty
  • Healthy selfishness – is there a place for this in teamwork?

6.     The team spirit within – guidelines for participants:

  • Group synergy
  • Two heads are better than one – ideas shared (not stolen)
  • Bonding in everyday life situations
  • If it’s your best, do your best – reaching for business and personal potential – individual consultations

Target group: This training is primarily addressed to managers and leaders who need to reinforce bonds in their teams or build new teams and want to get to know the mechanisms which make teams successful.

Read more on „How to boost team intelligence” in Harvard Business Review

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